VESTA BOOST PREPAID - Credit Debit Card Charge On My Bill Statement

VESTA BOOST PREPAID - What is this Charge on my Bill Statement?

Charge Statement Code: VESTA BOOST PREPAID

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  1. They did this also to me .... unauthorized billing of my Wells Fargo Visa credit card on numerous months. Who knows it could be either Wells Fargo or Boost. I had Verizon at the time .... I do not use prepaid cards. I was getting call requests from prison. Nice!! They called me on prison phones they rented . I was also getting medical texts from unknown Workman comp Hispanic doctors and a Hispanic attorney in the Riverside county/ Yorba Linda area. Hippa Violations using my cell phone for medical information.
    I am turning mine over to the PHX police.. the PDX police have the individuals involved. Mine was going on in September 2016.
    I believe these same individuals were involved in making land payments in Golecia, CA. off my card. Also, a restaurant in San Diego. Once again I’m reporting this operation to the police in PHX... Fiesta Boost out of PDX has the phone number on my credit card statement. 503 area code. Another plus Wells Fargo backs these crooks!! They are just as shady !!!