TSP*RervationCounter - 877-283-5585, WA - Credit Debit Card Charge On My Bill Statement

TSP*RervationCounter - 877-283-5585, WA - What is this Charge on my Bill Statement?

Charge Statement Code: TSP*RervationCounter - 877-283-5585, WA

This charge, TSP*RervationCounter - 877-283-5585, WA is used by many travel related websites. Users have reported that Kayak.com, Travres Travel, Bookit.com, Expedia, Hotwire, Best Western, and United Airlines. Many other sites may use this code as well.

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  1. Call the 877-283-5585 number, choose option 2. When they ask for the itinerary number, hit the number # sign. You will have to do this about 3 times and then you will be transferred to an actual customer service rep that can look the charge up for you.

  2. TRAVRES took my information over the phone two times for a reservation at Motel 6 in Lexington VA and said they were having computer issues and it didn't go through. They explained there was no refund once the reservation was made. After 22 minutes on my cell phone with them I still did not have a confirmation number or reservation. The guy offered to give me Motel 6's phone number to call them directly. I told him no and confirmed that I did NOT have a reservation there, which he confirmed. I actually told him I felt like I was being scammed. No surprise when I returned home and there was a $82.00 charge on my credit card from TRAVRES*RESCOUNTER.COM. When I contacted them they said that Motel 6 charged them because I was a "No Call No Show." I called Motel 6 directly and the manager said he remembered me calling three times making excuses why I didn't show up. They are scam artists together. I am disputing the charges through my credit card company.

  3. Yea they hit mmc for $678 but the next day before I even saw it the cc company had removed it.Cudos to Citi