FACEBOOK.COM*E4VE322Q3 www.fb.me/cc CA - Credit Debit Card Charge On My Bill Statement

FACEBOOK.COM*E4VE322Q3 www.fb.me/cc CA - What is this Charge on my Bill Statement?

Charge Statement Code: FACEBOOK.COM*E4VE322Q3 www.fb.me/cc CA

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  1. i had $208.90 taken from 11 withdrawls from facebook at $9.90 6 times and $29.90 5 times that i did not do, i dont even buy from facebook ever, facebook was no help and police are going to look into it

  2. This place FACEBOOK COM X9HR4 22G2 www fb me CA 02-14-13 1-800-558-3079 and 1-480-240-9877 MY COMPUTER WORK IS THE NAME ON MY CALLER ID. Having trouble getting my money back, did not use there services so need money refunded