TU TRANSUNION Credit Card Charge

TU TRANSUNION is ’s charge code that the company uses when charging your checking, credit, or debit card for purchases.

Charge Statement Code: TU TRANSUNION
4447 North Central Expressway
Suite 110 PMB 406
Dallas, Texas 75205 USA
Phone Number:1-800-972-7204
Customer Service: 1-800-972-7204
Website: freescoresusa.com

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  1. when did I give you permission to charge to my credit card account? please stop!

  2. I don't want u to charge my credit account....please stop...cant afford it.....

  3. Please stop charging my credit card. I did not authorize this.

  4. Stop charging my credit card I was led to believe this was a free one time credit report. I can't afford all your charges. You did not explain all the charges.

  5. Stop charging my debit card (24.33) . I did a servay that ask for payment for power card. That never showed up in mail.

  6. Stop charging my account. I never gave you permission for this..

  7. I went to the site to see what I could find out about my FICO score drop. Started to create an account , but could not as I have no mobile phone. They immediately charged my card!!!! Per the CS agent at Transunion , the charge would be dropped as I had not signed up for any services. Will see. Will dispute if they do not.

  8. You cannot charge my debit card. Fucking assholes