ANIMAL JAM is National Geographic’s Animal Jam Game charge code that the company uses when charging your checking, credit, or debit card for purchases.

Charge Statement Code: ANIMAL JAM
Animal Jam
PO Box 3624
SLC, UT 84110-3624 USA
Phone Number: 1-888-340-7313
Customer Service: 1-888-340-7313


  1. I needed to cancel my card because animaljam keeps on charging me!!!

  2. I have never signed up for Animal Jam, but I've found that they've been charging my debit card for months. Mostly small charges, with a couple larger ones. Even though the card charges list the phone number to National Geographic's support, they have closed down their phone support operations. You must contact them through an online help form (then wait for a reply, which hasn't come). Their refund policy is very restrictive. Best to just contest the charges through the bank and close down the card. I don't get why credit card thieves are targeting an online kids game, and it doesn't help that National Geographic's support is basically nonexistent.