SPK*SPOKEO Charge on My Credit Card Statement

SPK*SPOKEO 18006994264 800-6994264 CA is Spokeo’s charge code that the company uses when charging your checking, credit, or debit card for purchases.

SPK*SPOKEO Charge Statement Code for Spokeo

Spokeo Inc. 
556 South Fair Oaks Avenue
Suite #101-179
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone Number: 1-626-396-9499
Customer Service: 1-877-913-3088
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.spokeo.com 

More Charge Codes:

CHKCARD SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
POS Debit SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
POS PUR SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
POS PURCH SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
POS PURCHASE SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
POS REFUND SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
PRE-AUTH SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
PENDING SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
Visa Check Card SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
Misc. Debit SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CA
SPK*SPOKEO 18889060849 888-9060849 CA
SPK*SPOKEO 1800699 800-6994264 CAUS


  1. I have just found a charge of $25 on my credit which I did not agree to and want my money back. thanks Thea

  2. Scary site! How do they get that information?

  3. Just want to say, I found this charge on my account, mind you I had no clue what this was. I called the company and they were very kind and helped me stop the fraudulent charges and reimbursed my money. Thank you for all your help

  4. I called 1-877-913-3088 and it was very trying for my patience. They had made a total of six charges (to my wives card) before I caught it.
    The refund for the first two charges went ok.

    To refund the second two charges she basically tried to squeeze $5 out of the deal. At first she stated that it wasn't possible to refund more but then she supposedly needed supervisor approval for a full refund. The Ssupervisor supposedly approved the full refund after 3 minutes of debate.

    To refund the last two charges it was 'no longer electronically possible'. After another 3 minutes of debate the Lady admitted they could write a check for the refund. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

    All in all a very time consuming frustrating expierience and time will tell if they really to send me a refund check and even if the other charges are refunded to my credit card.

    This is obviusly one scam after another but they're still in business. If so many people didn't fall for one of more of their scams they would have been out of 'Business' long ago.

    I even felt sorry for the girl on the other end who always remained polite and courteous the whole time. I'm glad I don't have to make a living that way!

    People complain about "Made in China". If this scam is indictive of what "Made in America" has become then shame on our Generation!

  5. Even though I cancelled the service within minutes of trying to use it I had 2 charges for $18.95, and one for .95 cents called and they confirmed I had cancelled but not another service which I had not signed up for. They only issued a partial refund. Scam company who phone number search online tool does not work in the first place.

  6. I called 800-699-4264 for a refund. Supposedly I did a trial a few months ago, but didn't cancel so I they started an automatic monthly fee of $19.95. They said they'd refund me $10, but after I threatened to report them to the BBB and call my bank, they put me on hold, 'spoke with their supervisor', and came back and said they would refund me the whole $19.95. Who pays 20 bucks a month to look up phone numbers anyway?

  7. por favor me han cobrado 20 $ quiero que me lo reemblosen yo no tengo sus servisios

  8. Give me my money back

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  10. I have just found a charge of $19.95 on my credit which I did not agree to and want my money back. thanks Bakhtiyor Agzamov

  11. Apparently I signed up for this service, but I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out why. At any rate, I called 800-699-4264 and spoke with someone named Brian, who was - to my surprise - very helpful in clearing all of this up. I just received an email confirmation of an account cancellation and an additional notification of a full refund to my card. Of course, I'll believe this when I see the $19.95 credit on my statement; for the time being, though, I'm satisfied that this issue has been resolved.

  12. I just realized this company has been charging me for months and I have no idea why. I will be calling them a sap to get a refund. I thought it was Score Sense until today when I I saw both charges on my card. How do they stay in business when they are cheating so many people???

  13. After finding numerous charges on my card also, and reading about everyone who posted here, I followed your actions and called the number demanding a refund of ALL the money those people took from me. According to the very sweet, polite young lady I spoke with, I will be receiving over $100 refund. I don't know who these people are, or like others here have stated, how they stay in business, but it's unreal. That poor lady! I told her she should be working someplace else. She very politely told me if there is anything else she can help me with, to just let her know. Okay then.

    I'll wait a couple weeks, then if my money isn't refunded, I'll be taking more serious action. Although I highly doubt that it will do any good, but one can hope.

    Best of luck to everyone else who winds up dealing with these people. Don't be deterred, keep pushing for more. You might get it.

  14. They are charging my husband's card without consent! We will report them to the Business Bureau.

  15. They are charging my husband's card without consent! We will report them to the Business Bureau.

  16. They had charged me 19.95$ without my knowledge.. though I had blocked my card from further transaction, but I want my money back

  17. They charged us $500 without our authorization and when we called and asked for the refund they refunded us $180, what a crook. Will report them to BBB

  18. I want all of the money back that spk*spokeo has taken from me i the last year and 2 months . I am sick of finding out that this has been going on so long ! I have blocked my card from you and if I don't see some restitution by the end of Feb 2017 I will be contacting the Attorney General . I have also filled a dispute with Capital One.

  19. stop charging to my account, I don't use it anymore

  20. spk*spokeo sear charg on my credit card usd 29.70

    i had not done any transaction for the same on date 19/02/2017
    so please diposite mr 29.70 us $ in my credit card account soon .

  21. i would like to know what is the charges for and i would like a receipt for charges thank you

  22. I am unhappy about you charging my credit card amount of $24.13, when I did not Authorize it! Please take care of this issue and DO NOT charge my Credit card again.

  23. I live in Australia! I've never signed up for this service. As far as I am concerned, this is fraud. Contesting through my bank now

  24. I live in the U.K. And this company has made a number of fraudulent withdrawals from my account

  25. me too. I live in Ireland and this company is now taking money from my credit card, sometmes only five days apart. I have told it I will go to the police and the American Embassy here if any more charges appear from my alleged account.

  26. They charged me $29.95 for a subscription I never agreed to. This is a scam sight. I agreed to pay for a "one time" lookup but they fraudulently charged me for a subscription. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES.


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