WPY 855-469-3729 VA - Credit Debit Card Charge On My Bill Statement

WPY 855-469-3729 VA - What is this Charge on my Bill Statement?

Charge Statement Code: WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA

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WPY Wepay
380 Portage Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306

WPY is Wepay's charge code. Wepay is used by Aplos, Booster, Classy, Crowdrise, CustomMade, Freshbooks, Fundly, Fundrazr, GiveForward, GoFundMe, Kind.Fund, YouCaring and Meetup.

If you used one of those services and paid with a debit card, you are likely to see WPY on your statement.

WPY is used by Wepay
WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA


  1. I still do not recognize this charge.

  2. seems like it could be if u donated to a GoFundMe campaign

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