SOHO VPS 8557463859 FL - Credit Debit Card Charge On My Bill Statement

SOHO VPS 8557463859 FL - What is this Charge on my Bill Statement?

Charge Statement Code: SOHO VPS 8557463859 FL

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  1. I got the same charge on my CC. It is a web hosting site. I did not use this service. It is fraud. I called CC and locked card. New card coming.

    1. Robert, could you share the company with our readers? We will publish their contact information to make it easier for future consumers.
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  2. I got the same charge and I've never used their service. When fraud department at Visa called the company they said it was a mistake and agreed to credit my account. This is a scam. Only people who question the charge get a credit. If you don't review you monthly statement they win and get your money. Charges are small enough $15.99 that they don't attract attention of the card holder. I'm glad I did.

  3. same charge on mine $13.99. When I called number, it says that they are refunding the money. I disputed the charge anyway.

  4. Got the same charge. Call your credit card company and report it. They'll void the charge and issue a new card.

  5. I just got a 15.99 charge. I was able to lock the card with Capital One and report it as fraud. New card on the way. BS